2. The prepared compound portion - including premixed and frozen epoxies.

We combine two types of business


Epoxy Formulators

1. The bulk portion - including gallons, quarts and pints.

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Premixed epoxies eliminate many production problems for sub-assembly manufacturing. Premixed epoxy saves time and solves many of the environmental concerns businesses face today.

We can formulate an epoxy system to meet your needs and most often our standard systems will work for your application. 

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Frey Engineering was founded in 1969. During that time we saw a growing need in the electronics industry for 100% solids epoxy systems that were not formulated using any solvents. At Frey Engineering we formulate specialty adhesives and potting compounds for the connector industry as well as laminating resins for electronics. 

Many of our products have been used with success in space onboard satellites mostly in connectors, circuit boards, linear motors, and controls. Many 
well-known companies use our products. Such as...

Dorco Electronics
Tayco Electronics
TE Connectivity
Woven Electronics 
HAAS Group International Inc.